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From October 7-8, 2016

Don’t miss the cleantech innovation event of the year: ClimateLaunchpad European Finals in Tallinn, Estonia

Discover Europe’s most promising cleantech innovations. This is your chance to look into a crystal ball and see the future of sustainable business.


Desert Control Keeps On Improving

“We know you’re cheating,” the Desert Control team was told. The results seemed scientifically impossible. Ole Olesen told ClimateLaunchpad.

“We had the same results as good American farm soil, in the Sinai. We ourselves didn’t even know what was causing such great results.”

How a Weird Idea Became a Successful Startup

“Urban Farmers wants to be the next big thing in local farming. We don’t want to be hipster farmers or hobbyists. We want to expand and have a big impact on local food production and job creation.”

We're going global

People and organizations from all over the world keep asking us how they can host ClimateLaunchpad in countries outside of Europe. It made us think. Why not? So we’re happy to announce that as of 2017 not just Europe, but the entire globe can have a go at our sizzling competition.

The world’s largest
cleantech business
idea competition

Turn your green idea into a fast growing company



Learn all you can on how to successfully start your cleantech company. Create a rock solid business plan and the perfect pitch along the way.



Get access to our global network of entrepreneurs, investors and possibly even your launching customer.



The gloves are off during the competition where you’ll battle Europe’s best. Convince our jury and you’ll convince any client or investor.



It’s time to go out there, be bold and tackle climate change. We guarantee you’ll have the knowledge and skills to make things happen.

Create global impact with your green business idea

We’re here to get you started

We’ll help you fast track that idea and bypass all possible pitfalls along the way. You’ll learn how to get your idea funded and launched. Worldwide.

Step 1 - Boot Camps have started!
Step 2 - Coaching Sessions & National Final

Your idea can be an innovation in renewable energy, a sustainable transition in the food chain, a mind shift in urban mobility or any other way to tackle climate change.

Step 3 - Coaching Sessions & European Final

Our partners

Our partners

Meet 2016’s entrepreneurs

Meet 2016’s entrepreneurs. 
Get inspired by their stories

  • Desert Control - 1st prize winner 2015
  • Arctus- 2nd prize winner 2015
  • ReLaDe- 2nd prize winner 2015
  • The Sexy Plant- Audience favourite

Train. Network. Compete. Launch.

Fast track your success. Join us today*.

*Whether you are a student, start-up, researcher or employee, as long as you’re curious to discover what it takes to become an entrepreneur, we’d love for you to apply. Even if your idea is still on the back of a napkin.

Train. Network. Compete. Launch.

ClimateLaunchpad. The world’s largest cleantech business idea competition.