As the’co-opetition’ was high at the National Final in UK at 24th of September, ADAPTAVATE felt it was important to focus only on what they had to do. It proved a successful strategy, since the Jury qualified ADAPTAVATE as one of the UK representatives at CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final in Valencia (Spain).


What is ADAPTAVATE about?

ADAPTAVATE is re-thinking the way we make building materials. We are developing bio composites that can be used in various products and materials in the built environment. This starts with our first product; a low carbon alternative to plasterboard. We feel that the 1 million tons of plasterboard that goes to landfill in the UK alone just isn’t good enough, so we are developing a solution to this.

Our product has 3 main benefits in your home in comparison to plasterboard:

1) It absorbs the vapor and moisture produced by us in our homes, so this reduces the risk of condensation and moldy walls = healthier buildings

2) It has twice the thermal performance of plasterboard

3) The composite we are developing locks down carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in the fabric of the building


How are you preparing for CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final in Valencia?

We listened carefully to the judges’ feedback and critically appraise the areas of our pitch that they commented on. And we are busy leading up to the final – making products for testing, putting them in clients’ homes, monitoring and market testing at an Expo – so October is a fully booked month.

Alberto, my partner at ADAPTAVATE is from Madrid, so we have started Spanish lessons as well to brush up on my rusty Spanish – Vamos a Valencia tio!”


To raise our game

We know the competition will be high so we will have to raise our game. We are looking forward to meeting other start-ups, mentors and judges and generally everyone being involved in this leading cleantech event. We love to chat about low carbon ideas that are going to tackle climate change – so bring it on!


Our dream

We want to breathe a breath of fresh air in to the buildings of the future. We are re-thinking, re-making and providing solutions that are low carbon, compostable and create healthy buildings of the future. At ADAPTAVATE, we are building an ecologically conscious company of the future that is part of the solution of climate change while having fun doing it.”

– Thomas Robinson, on behalf of the ADAPTAVATE team

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