Aerox, finalist Spain

At October 21, 2014 CleanLaunchpad national final Spain took place. The Jury announced 3 finalists for the Grand EU Final in Valencia October 29, 2014. Aerox is one of them.


What is Aerox about?

Aerox has designed a coating for wind-turbine blades which reduces the need of finishing operations, making wind-turbine manufacturing process more efficient.

Almost every indicator says that wind energy is the clean energy of the next future. We are sure that focusing on polymer technology to improve the design of the turbines can significantly contribute to achieve the objectives of this industry.


What came to your mind when you heard that you’re a finalist of CleanLaunchpad?

Many things came to my mind, but I felt that this is just the beginning of something big…


What are your expectations of the Innovation Festival?

On one hand we are sure it is going to be a great event, it shows European Union strong commitment to fight against climate change. On the other hand, we are looking forward to meet new companies and business ideas in cleantech and share ours with as many people as possible.


Our dream 

As founders, our dream is let our knowledge in polymer technology to strengthen the leadership of wind energy as the clean energy of the future and thereby to create a more sustainable future.


Raúl Cortés, on behalf of team Aerox

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