AlterHausVerwalter, finalist Germany (Hessen)

CleanLaunchpad national final Hessen took place in Climate-KIC Centre Hessen on the 9th of October 2014.


What is AlterHausVerwalter about? is an online platform for an alternative realty management to motivate tenants towards an environmentally friendly and resource-saving behavior by making energy consumption transparent and uncover the potential of energy-savings. The optional online access for house owners, realty managers, landlords, tenants and service providers allows direct interaction and a consistent networking of data. For a simple and effective implementation of self-generated electricity production provides a live-meter panel to optimize the individual power consumption and includes an automated billing system.


What did the Jury think of your idea?

The feedback was pretty tough and straightforward, but pretty helpful at the same time. The jury recommended to rethink our name. Furthermore we need to identify our market more precisely in order to distinguish our innovation from the rest.


What do you expect from the Innovation Festival?

We expect to get to know more cleantech ideas and get inspired by other innovators. We’re also excited to get to know more about Climate-KIC, its program, mission and people and how to get involved. I’m curious about the overall events such as Match-Making Sessions for example.


Our dream

We want to become the reference tool for online property management in the market. We want to establish an easy and cheap but yet efficient tool to reduce CO₂ by making energy consumption in houses transparent.

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