Bangladesh joins ClimateLaunchpad

Yay, we are very excited to welcome Bangladesh to our competition. As Bangladesh is a fresh hub of rising start-ups focusing on the threats of increased climate variability, the country is a perfect match for ClimateLaunchpad.

Ratul Dev of Gen Lab is our local country lead. Gen Lab believes in the brilliant minds of local entrepreneurs to come up with sustainable and profitable solutions.

Ratul: “85% of Bangladeshis are worried about environmental issues. No initiative in 21st century should neglect the green aspect. At Gen Lab we support the idea of an inclusive society guided by UN SDG. One of our goals is to bridge the divides among green start-ups, government and the development community so that entrepreneurs receive adequate assistance to grow and create impact.”

Gen Lab feels ClimateLaunchpad will bring out impactful ideas and boost green business and innovation in Bangladesh.

We couldn’t agree more. Welcome Bangladesh!

ClimateLaunchpad Team


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