BIO2CHP, finalist Greece

The national final of CleanLaunchpad Greece was successfully concluded on Friday, October 17. The Jury appointed BIO2CHP as one of the finalists to represent Greece in the Grand EU Final in Valencia.


What is BIO2CHP about?

BIO2CHP offers small-scale bio-based energy production units to industries with organic wastes, providing them with a way to convert their residues into energy, on-site.


What valuable feedback did the national jury gave you? 

The feedback from the jury was crucial in order to understand better where we should focus our future efforts. Concerning the presentation and our presence on CleanLaunchpad, several points helped us to advance, mainly regarding missing data and the clarity of some of the info presented.


What was your first thought when you heard that you’re a finalist of CleanLaunchpad?

“Even the biggest journeys begin with a small step.” We our fortunate enough to begin our journey with a big one…..


What are your expectations of Climate-KIC’s Innovation Festival?

1. Networking and feedback,

2. Networking and feedback,

3. Networking and feedback.


Our dream

Prove the potential, grow BIO2CHP into a viable business, and then sell it to a market player who can fully exploit the potential. Thus, enable real local energy production, from waste.


Stefanos Tsiakmakis, on behalf of team BIO2CHP

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