Wavetube, finalist Sweden

First Prize Winner CleanLaunchpad 2014: Wavetube develops a patented solution to produce renewable energy from the motion of ocean waves. Their goal is commercialization by 2020, having initiated two major wave energy farm projects with customers by then. Read all about it.

Inteko ltd, finalist Poland

Finalist Poland Inteko wants to make stoves completely independent of electricity. This has a number of advantages. Please continue to read more about it.

Sulfotools, finalist Germany (Hessen)

Sulfotools: pioneers in the field of green peptide chemistry. Their aim: to replace all process-required organic solvents with natural resource water. Read all about them.

AlterHausVerwalter, finalist Germany (Hessen)

AlterHausVerwalter.de is an online platform for an alternative realty management to motivate tenants towards an environmentally friendly and resource-saving behavior by making energy consumption transparent and uncover the potential of energy-savings.

TRANSPARENT WORLD, finalist Denmark

TRANSPARENT WORLD has invented a new material to replace indium tin oxide (ITO) used in applications ranging from green energy applications, information technologies to smart coatings.

SMERGY, finalist Berlin

SMERGY wants to become the GOOGLE of the energy market. And more interesting information to read about them in this blog.

CAMBOND, UK finalist

Third Prize Winner CleanLaunchpad 2014: CAMBOND has an idea for green glue that can replace the existing formaldehyde-containing (and so toxic) glues used in wood composites. Read all about it in this blog.

Feel the connection

One of the aims of CleanLaunchpad is connecting cleantech start-ups. First at National level, and in less then a month throughout Europe. After seeing the videoblog of boot camp Cyprus & Greece (2,5 mins), you’ll realize that we make it happen.


ADAPTAVATE wants to breathe a breath of fresh air in to the buildings of the future. They are re-thinking, re-making and providing solutions that are low carbon, compostable and create healthy buildings of the future. Read more about this UK finalist.


DESOLENATOR is a patented technology that harnesses the power of the sun to transform salt water into drinking water. They will represent UK in CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final in Valencia on October 29.

Up high on the mountains of Cyprus, you make your deal

CleanLaunchpad boot camp Cyprus & Greece was very hands on, with teams getting nitty-gritty with their deal, their market segments, and the financials. But it was more than that. Please continue reading the inside story of Stelios Yiatros.

AQGRI+, Dutch finalist

Selling fresh water, compost and fish is what AQGRI+ wants to do. Read more about this Dutch finalist in CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final.

wrocLOVE CleanLaunchpad (Poland)

CleanLaunchpad Poland chose the historical place Casle Topacz to work on their cleantech business ideas such as energy efficiency of vehicles and paper pallets for logistics. Please continue to read this blog.

GREENER THAN GRASS, finalist Hungary

GREENER THAN GRASS is a Hungarian start-up and one of the finalists of the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final in Valencia, October 29. This blog gives you a brief outline of what GREENER THAN GRASS is about, their aims and dreams. Enjoy the reading.

BIOMON, finalist Hungary

BIOMON is a Hungarian start-up and one of the finalists of the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final in Valencia, October 29. After reading this blog you’ll have an understanding of what BIOMON is about and how will it tackle climate change.

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