Coolar, finalist Germany (Berlin)

At 26th of September Coolar heard that they were one of the finalists of CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final.


What is Coolar about?

Refrigeration is a critical part of modern life, improving the quality of life by increasing food preservation and storage. However, conventional fridges run on expensive electricity and contain toxic, climate-damaging chemicals.

Coolar wants to produce a fridge that runs on heat and not on electricity. The cooling process is purely water-based and does not contain any toxic or climate-damaging chemicals. The heat could be taken from quickly emerging solar thermal sources, waste heat streams or from district heating.


How do you prepare for the Grand Final in Valencia? 

We are improving our pitch based on the feedback we got from the national final. And of course we train, train, train to get better, so that we can convince the audience and especially the jury .


What are your expectations of the CleanLaunchpad final?

We hope to get in the TOP 3 and gain more publicity and some money to develop our idea further and further.


Our dream

We want to change the way of cooling and bring sorption cooling systems to the world! Our ultimate goal is to sell 100.000 units until 2020.

And we also want to develop solutions for developing countrieswhere electricity is a scarcity…


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