• Submission Deadline Bangladesh

    June 22nd 2017

  • Boot Camp Bangladesh

    July 16th 2017 -
    July 17th 2017

  • Final Bangladesh

    August 19th 2017

  • Grand Final – Limasol, Cyprus

    October 17th 2017 -
    October 18th 2017


Our National Lead for Bangladesh

Meet Ratul, our National Lead for Bangladesh!

What is your background?
Ratul Dev is a social entrepreneur based in Bangladesh. At this moment he is heading Gen Lab; which focuses on Environment, Women Empowerment and Peace Building. He had his schooling in Marketing and Human Resources with a proven track record in youth led social development and community initiatives towards resilient society.

Why did you become a country lead / why does your organisation want to arrange ClimateLaunchpad in your country?
Bangladesh, a new hub of rising start-ups is now equipped for addressing threats of increased climate variability and extreme events that it faces. Gen Lab believes the brilliant minds here can bring up sustainable solutions to combat climate change through innovation with ClimateLaunchpad’s partnership.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
In the context of typical social and economic vulnerable impact of climate change, bringing up viable business solutions linking to sustainable innovation is a key. This competition could bring up some impactful ideas that would be a stepping stone for green technology and innovation and hence will ensure accomplishment of global goals.

How does your organisation support clean tech start-ups?
At Gen Lab we advocate and support the idea of an inclusive society guided by UN SDG. One of our goal is to bridge the divides among green startups, government and development community so that the thriving entrepreneurs receive adequate assistance to grow and create impact in the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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