• Submission deadline Finland

    April 20th 2017

  • Boot camp Finland

    May 18th 2017 -
    May 19th 2017

  • Final Finland

    June 15th 2017

  • Grand Final – Limasol, Cyprus

    October 17th 2017 -
    October 18th 2017


Our National Leads for Finland

Meet Ville, our National Lead for Finland!

What is your background?

I am a sustainable business coach and social entrepreneur. I have worked in business development for more than 20 years, mostly doing and supporting inclusive & sustainable entreprenurship across various African markets. I’m passionate about the holistic development impact great business can have.

Why did you become a country lead / why does your organisation want to arrange ClimateLaunchpad in your country?

I was excited about the opportunity to keep expanding the ClimateLaunchpad footprint in Finland. It’s gotten off to a good start but can grow much bigger – and have more impact. Also, ClimateLaunchpad has great prospects for going global. It would be fantastic to be part of that, too.

Why do you think this competition is so important?

As the name suggests, it can catapult a good idea and team onto an effective development path towards market entry much faster and precisely than many other programs. It has a super format plus it mobilizes talent across a vast European market.

How does your organisation support clean tech start-ups?

Impact Iglu is a hub through which entrepreneurs at any stage can link up with the best support resources for helping their problems solving. We mentor, network, and challenge our clients.

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