European Finals 2016

Don’t miss the cleantech innovation event of the year: ClimateLaunchpad European Finals in Tallinn, Estonia

On October 7 and 8, around 90 national finalists will gather in the Silicon Valley of Europe to pitch their ideas for sustainable cleantech businesses. Ten will make it through to the Climate-KIC accelerator program. The top three also win cash awards.


This event is a great opportunity to glimpse the future of cleantech. Come. You might just find the next cleantech unicorn. Who knows?

This will be ClimateLaunchpad’s third European-wide competition. In the past, finalists have included:

  • Desert Control, which uses a patented process to increase  water retention in depleted soil, thus making it possible to  use dramatically less water for crops (Read more:  The Engineer)
  • Desolenator, a portable solar-powered desalination device  (Read more: The Guardian)
  • The Sexy Plant, a plant that controls pests without pesticide  using sex pheromones to confuse predatory insects (Read  more: The Sexy Plant)

Read more about the teams that will be competing in Tallinn: 2016 EU Finals Competitors.

Meet a few of our 2016 competitors

These and other very promising ideas in our current competition are on their way to create global impact. Meet them in Tallinn:

Did you know that standby power can account for 25% of all home energy usage? Smart Home Technology (Switzerland) has a device that puts an end to standby power use.

BugBox & Oil (Estonia) addresses the high demand for protein with its insect powders and oils. Their process has a dramatically smaller carbon footprint than for other animal proteins.

CreChar (Scotland) feeds plants. They do this by turning difficult to recycle paper-plastic composite cups into carbon-rich char.

Sponge (Turkey) cleans oil-based contaminants from the ocean. It soaks it right up while leaving the water behind.

KAKI’s (Slovenia) offers waterless toilets for public and private use.

E-Home (Bulgaria) creates sustainable bricks from compressed earth right on the building site.

We’re not sure how they do it, but MAGPLANTEX (Poland) makes textiles from seedlings that are later upcycled for use in agriculture.

Salcape Carbon Capture (Norway) offers a lower maintenance and highly effective product for capture CO2 emissions.

Sunny Water (Romania) developed a precision agriculture technology that uses solar energy to deliver water for irrigation where it is most needed, when it is most needed.

Read more about the teams that will be competing in Tallinn: 2016 EU Finals Competitors.


Please note that there are two different venues for the event.

October 7
Energy Discovery Centre / Energia avastuskeskus
Põhja pst 29, Tallinn, Estonia
October 8
Tallinn Creative Hub / Kultuurikatel
Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn, Estonia
1 European Final (15)


We’ve got two days of programming excitement for you to enjoy. Check out the detailed program for more details: ClimateLaunchpad 2016 EU Finals Program

Day 1, October 7, 2016: Thematic Competition

13.30 – 14.00

14.00 – 15.45
We’ll have our Kickoff and opening entertainment, hosted  by ClimateLaunchpad Project Lead Frans Nauta. This will be followed by the keynotes and opportunities for networking.

15.45 – 18.45
The startup teams compete for thematic awards.

Schedule Day 2, October 8, 2016: Finals

08.30 – 9.30
Registration, throughout the day exhibition booths will be open and there will be a number of opportunities to network, meet with participants and partners, and share ideas.

09.00 – 13.30

Mari Vavulski from Startup Estonia will kickoff the day’s events. By lunch, the Semi-Finals will be completed and the Finalists announced.

14.00 – 19.30
The afternoon includes the exciting final rounds of the ClimateLaunchpad 2016 event. In the evening the winners will be announced and toasted.

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Come for the European Finals, stay for the city


Source: Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau
photographer: Toomas Volmer

Lonely Planet calls Tallinn “one of Europe’s most beguiling walled cities.”

Increasingly sophisticated without being overly sanitised, forward-focused while embracing the past, Tallinn is a truly fascinating city."

Read more on Lonely Planet
ClimateLaunchpad - Cleantech business idea competition 2016

Do you Skype?

Tallinn is a city that looks forward as well as back, which might be one of the reasons that it’s the birthplace of Skype, which has become so ubiquitous that it’s now a verb.

Don’t miss the next Skype or the next big thing in cleantech. It just might be waiting for you at the European Finals. You’ll be in good company. UBER’s Enn Metsar will be there.

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