Evovelo, finalist Spain

At October 21, 2014 CleanLaunchpad national final Spain took place. The Jury announced 3 finalists for the Grand EU Final in Valencia October 29, 2014. Evovelo is one of them.


What is Evovelo about?

We want to design, manufacture and sell highly-efficient solar sustainable vehicles to help reduce the CO2 footprint and make mobility in cities more comfortable and healthy.


What did the national Jury think of your idea?

Some were a bit sceptic, some loved the idea. In all cases the feedback was positive, as it gave us the chance to rethink some of our ideas and improve the project.

Feedback on driving range, speed, sizes, battery efficiency and issues of driving these vehicles within the cities allowed us to improve on defining our target market and addressing the different regulations.


What are your expectations of the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final?

After what we’ve experienced at the national final on October 21, everything is possible! If we win the Grand EU Final we’ll speed up realization of our project; if we are finalist it will give us great exposure (and some cash to help us move forward, if we’re one of the three winners) and if we’re left behind after the semi-finals we’ve gained a great experience, a lot of contacts and friends along the way. No matter what happens, we will continue to develop with a big smile.


Our dream

We would like to see our vehicles (and similar ones, we love competitors!) replacing at least 10% of the current commuting options to really make an impact on climate change.


www. evovelo.com/en/index.php

David Tomé, on behalf of team Evovelo

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