EU-Final Number 1 National Final Number 2

Gelatin-based leather-like textile


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 1

Providing potable water via a floating freeze desalination platform


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 3

Tackling waste management issues for a better, cleaner world


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 1

Dust-repelling devices for solar panels


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 1

sustainable and sensory design. We create materials that matter.


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 1

The IKEA of wind power towers, enabling transportation


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 3

Water purification for developing countries


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 2

Scalable, Low Energy, Bioreactor Dewatering Systems

“Red Sun”

Our device stores solar energy in summer which can be used in winter and the opposite.


Customisable 3D printer filament from recycled PET plastics

Advanced Biofuel

National Final Number 1

We are creating ecofriendly biodiesel from used cooking oil


National Final Number 1

Making the deserts green and ready for expected population growth

Agriculture 2.0

Urban Organic agriculture network, offers food sovereignty from a biodiversity marketplace

Air Solaris COOL

National Final Number 1

AirSolaris climate solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation.


National Final Number 3

AirQualityTree provides modular air quality monitoring devices with artificial intelligence


National Final Number 3

We design, develop, license system efficiency-optimization pump-drive to pump-manufacturers

Algae Ambulance

National Final Number 2

Cleaning air from liqud and gas pollutions using a biotechnology involving microalgae


National Final Number 1

Water treatment unit that takes advantage of algae to produce energy

Alternative Plants

Sustainable cosmetic ingredients produced using plant stem cell technology

Ambient Engine

Energy generation using atmospheric ambient heat

Aqua Ziwa

Desalinating sea water for unlimited supply of drinkable water


AquaSense promotes efficient water usage among residential consumers.

ATS WorldWide

Innovative, fully automatic airplane transport system on the airport surface.

Aude Opus

We provide hydrogen based battery for renewable energy storage.

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