Air Solaris COOL

National Final Number 1

AirSolaris climate solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation.

Eco Paper

National Final Number 1

Manufacturing insulation from wasted office paper for households

EcoReco & Bin Team

National Final Number 1

Solution for a better and funnier recycling based on Eco Superheroes!


National Final Number 1

SmarTTracK is a startup that creates new sun tracking solutions.

Algae Ambulance

National Final Number 2

Cleaning air from liqud and gas pollutions using a biotechnology involving microalgae

Ask A Worm

National Final Number 3

Urban composting platform, connecting consumers with organic farmers.

Atelier 99

Shared working space in a fabrication lab

ECO Punga

A wonderful idea to make you love your material bag.

Seed It Forward

Social agroforestry with moldavian accent and internet connection


Cheap thermal energy for heating inner spaces during the wintertime.

Waste GOrganic

Protect the Earth from food waste and invest in organic farming.


Collecting organic wastes from the city, producing biogas, fertilizer.

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