Viticulture in the Information Age

The way that sunlight reflects from plants is quite unique. It results in the characteristic green colour of leaves. We are AgriVeritas. We monitor the reflected sunlight from grapevines using Hyperspectral Imaging. We then exploit the power of Data Analytics to let grape farmers know: which areas of their fields are ready for harvesting, which areas are infected by disease. Our aim is to help farmers increase the production of high vinification quality grapes. At the same time, the farmers will use less fertiliser, fewer pesticides, and produce less environmental waste.

  • AgriVeritas

  • Andreas Kartakoullis (Co-Founder And CEO), Alexandros Kyriakides (Co-Founder And CTO), Chrysafis Andreou (Co-Founder And CSO) And Claudia Mihesan (Co-Founder And COO)

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