Cleantech additive preventing building materials from micro organisms


Fast developing green building industry has need for solutions that can protect materials from negative micro organism impact in the environmentally-friendly way.

ALINA is a new type of anti-microbial additive for building finishing materials preventing from negative impact of micro organisms, thus prolonging durability and good-looking of finishing materials at the same time being non-toxic and non-allergic.

Also ALINA additive production technology is one stage, zero production waste and saves up to 80% energy and time compared to non-green alternatives.
ALINA additive is offered directly to building material producers thus boosting the green building material market.

ALINA is developed by a research team that are leaders in research of cleantech mineral additives production and has EU and LV patents.

Quick facts

  • Latvia

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  • Solvita Kostjukova (Founder And Manager), Juris Kostjukovs (Inventor, Researcher & Product Developer), Andris Actins (Researcher)

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