Bacillus subtilis TS 01

Bacteria to eliminate some plant diseases and improve farming

The project is result from scientific dissertation of Dr. Sevdalina Todorova from Ruse University “Angel Kanchev” – branch Razgrad.
A few years ago Dr. Todorova isolated from soil unknown until now strain from the family Bacillus Subtilis. The strain was called Bacillus Subtilis TS 01.
The bacilli proliferate on organic waste and may be used alone or in combination with other microorganisms. The Scientific studies show three very interesting characteristics of these microorganisms.

First – accelerate plant growth with 20 % or more.
Second – eliminate some microbial plant diseases.
The third – improve composting of organic waste.
That’s Agriculture without pesticides.

You can see the amazing story of Bacillus Subtilis family – by visitng our website


  • Bacillus subtilis TS 01

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  • Dr. Sevdalina Todorova, Inventor; Georgi Mitev, М.Sc. of Agribusiness; M.Sc. Eng. Koycho Mitev, consultant IP; Tsanko Todorov, Student; Ass. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Yakimov, Agronomist
National Third prize winner

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