First Serbian bamboo plantation


Bambooing is a project within whom first Serbian bamboo plantation is planned to be established. Since bamboo is not native to Europe and European countries import over 50% of world’s bamboo production, this opens new and interesting commercial opportunities that Uroboros through Bambooing is going to pursue. Realization of this project will allow new branches of existing industries to develop within region or the new ones to emerge- bamboo usage can find its place in every niche: furniture and woodwork, textile, food…. Bamboo has so many uses that is up to producers/ customers what their preference will be, not excluding other bamboo growing benefits. Bamboo market is as wide as the results of bamboo cultivation and marketing can make it- from large companies to farmers or energy produces. Local resources mean that there’s no significant transportation costs while positive environmental impact is significant having in mind heavy deforestation and overall impact of bamboo cultivation

Quick facts

  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Serbia

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  • Aleksandar Simić Project Manager 1, Branka Simić Project Manager 2

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