Bioshade sells indoor bio(philic) planters for solar shading

Bioshade is the result of mixing a green wall with a shading system in order to achieve a biophilic, building component that is living and changing, intended to filter solar radiation on one hand, and create a complex sensorial indoor experience on the other. It is not intended to crowd a wall, but to use the glazed surfaces of buildings, especially curtain walls of austere office buildings to create a vertical garden that shades and enriches the interior space in a way that resembles the loved and familiar feeling of siting (and working) in the peaceful shade of a tree.

  • Bioshade

  • Razvan Vasiu - Team Leader, Andrei Negrean - Facade System Manufacturing And Automation, Alexandra Tudose & Vanessa Axinte - Landscape Architects (students), Tudor Ticlau - Policy Maker And Market Specialist
National Third prize winner

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