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Carbon fibres from renewables


We propose a commercial production of carbon fibers from renewable materials. Carbon fiber is an essential component of light-weight performance composites. The application range is virtually unlimited and spans from a mobile phone casing to a space shuttle. Currently, carbon fibers are made of synthetic precursors and so contribute negatively to climate change.  Our process, however, is based on the dissolution of naturally occurring polymers, namely, cellulose and lignin followed by the coagulation in order to form filaments which then are converted into carbon fibers. Worldwide the carbon fiber market is estimated to reach 30 billion euros by 2020 and continue to rise in all main application areas. Provided green carbon fibers replace PAN fibers, a decrease in the CO2 emissions by approximately 5.4 million tons could be observed annually, only considering the production process.


Quick facts

  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Lithuania

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  • Mindaugas Bulota (Technology), Michael Hummel (Science), Paulius Bulota (Management)

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