Ceramics heating panels that save energy using microwaves technology

o In Spain, 1 out of 5 households heats their home with electrical heaters.
-These households use this type of heating because they may not live in the coldest parts of Spain or they don´t need heating all year round.
-However, electrical heating is one of the most inefficient ways of heating.
-Every year, 20 million tons of CO2 is emitted to produce the electricity for these heaters.
o We have developed a product is the SaveHeat Panel, and we intend on selling these panels to households at 225€/panel.

o The tile is heated using the same technology every household has in its home: microwaves.
-The microwaves are produced in a heating cell, which you can see in the top right.
-Then, using wiring, it is distributed through the whole tile.
-With this, we are able to heat the whole tile in 60 seconds to a temperature which is suitable for heating.

National Second prize winner

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