Capricorn Power

Waste, renewable and solar heat, to 24/7 cost-effective electricity.


Our vision is to commercialise a new, renewable source of 24/7 electricity, and to deploy it globally.

Capricorn Power has a novel heat engine, based on a proven thermodynamic cycle, with patented innovations which result in the ability to use a wide range of heat sources (biogas, biomass, concentrated solar thermal, industrial waste heat), and high efficiency in converting heat to electricity (even at small scale, < 100 kW).

The high efficiency at small scale allows us to go to the source of the waste; reducing transport, increasing electricity value (retail rather than wholesale) and enabling the beneficial use of cogeneration. Our system uses mostly off-the-shelf components, resulting in capital efficiency.

Our ‘beachhead’ market is converting municipal woody green waste to electricity, solving the problem of green waste now going to landfill (methane emissions), providing renewable electricity (displacing coal use) and green heat (replacing gas) and creating local jobs.

Quick facts

  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Australia

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