We process different types of waste into highly flammable gas. We use the gas to generate steam for different applications. Including electricity, drying, hospital sterilizing heating and cleaning. Different waste feed stock leaves different residue. Plastic leaves nothing, Rubber leaves black carbon safe material for road construction, Aggro-waste like sugarcane and maize stalk leave char which is used to make briquettes, this is a clean fuel for cooking and barbecue application. No residue ever goes to the landfill if our innovation is implemented. No waste is transported to a landfill very far from where it was generated. We do not store waste at all. Waste will be processed to energy in our portable unit. We process waste to generate renewable energy. We will create green jobs, in a ratio of one to five to ten jobs. Each turnkey unit has an investment of Twenty thousand Euros and it works for fives years. The unit has a return on investment in six months.

National Second prize winner

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