CO2 Cards

The Climate Change Platfom

C02 Cards is a Carbon emissions offsetting platform that helps companies and individuals act on climate change, brand themselves green, achieve a competitive edge over their rivals and acquire new clients, while saving the environment. We offset Events, Companies, Taxi Rides, Plane Tickets, Ferries and Ships among others.

For Taxi Services and Plane Tickets we offer API that can be easily integrated with websites and taxi apps so individual users can easily offset their ride or flight with one click!
Our model is great, because we rely on our partners client networks, which makes us easily scalable.


  • CO2 Cards

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  • Yavor Vassilev, CEO (Financial Background, 6 years in Carbon Markets), Joost Kanes, CFO (Climate Change Policy Maker, 10 years in Carbon Markets), Kalin Ivanov, CMO (Cardiff University MBA, Work on Green Marketing), Andrea Atanasova, Marketing ( Brand Management Specialist), Alexis Le Roy, Advisor (Climate Markets and Investment Association Board Member)
National Second prize winner

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