Eco Buddy

A fun board game educating people about the waste, used resources and their impact to environment.

Our goal is to encourage people to think and get knowledge about the biggest challenge of the 21st century – the Climate change, which is hugely impacted by the waste we create (1/3 of food produced globally is wasted!).

To do this we’re making a fun board game which is based on the processes of item production, its lifecycle, our usage habits, educating about the environmental impact and recycling options. Avoiding waste will not only help our Planet and the environment but also will assist in managing the household budget better.

“Eco Buddy” board game is meant for educational institutions (children 10+) as well as it’s a fun and useful thing to have around in each family. Through play the game also becomes an educator, which is essential for children who learn the fastest through not intentionally learning. It will trigger the right behaviour when it comes to waste in a real life.

Sustainable environment starts with education – the education in a fun way!

  • Eco Buddy

  • Kaija - Founder/CEO & Product Development; Toms – CFO; Liga – Project Manager & Sales; Zane – Assistant & Marketing Manager
National First prize winner

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