Digital platform with an incentive system to improve climate behaviour


Today’s average consumption based GHG emissions per person in the western world are way too high. But there are no really good icentives to reduce them.
Our digital platform with an eco fee and share mechanism enables a competition for the lowest eco footprints: 1) the eco footprints of the users are measured mainly automatically on the basis of financial spending information, 2) the users monthly virtually pay for their eco footprints, 3) 100% of entire revenue are redistributed equally within the community (“EcoIncome”). 4) Finally, the users’ surplus and deficit amounts are subject to real financial transaction. Positive effect: constant motivation for everyone to reduce their eco footprints.
In addition, users can also tell and exchange their positive impact stories („Professional Handprint“).
Governments around the world are in need for cost effective instruments to help them reach their ambitious climate goals; they can provide the service to their citizens.

Quick facts

  • Germany

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  • Jurij Peters: Founder And CEO; Dr. Ulrich Schachtschneider: Part-time Chief Climate Officer; Looking For A Software Architect Who Shares Our Vision

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