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We are the first marketplace entirely dedicated to European green products. We connect demand and supply.

Our mission is to eradicate an obsolete and harmful model of consumption by helping SMEs (micro, small and medium companies) to make the right choice both for their business and for the environment.

Ecomate wants to contribute to the European green-economy by supporting solutions that bring economical, health and social benefits.

Ecomate is building an algorithm “Green Ranking”: a scoring method that tells you how much a company or a product is green. It analyzes work ethic, production process, raw materials, CO2 emissions, certifications, waste and much more. All information becomes public and everyone can obtain transparency.


  • Ecomate

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  • Alan Gallicchio (Founder) / Emil Von Abranyi (Business Developer) / Giulia De Bernardi (Eco Researcher) / Annalisa Peruz (Sales) / Marco Miccichè (UI / UX Designer)
National First prize winner

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