Solar concentrated power systems for domestic use

We make solar concentrated power systems for households.

Our system has many benefits:

-it doesn’t overheat in summer,
-it works effectively in winter,
-it tracks the sun,
-it has a short pay-back period and, what is most important,
– it is 2 times more efficient than any other solar collectors systems.

We are the first, who made a concentrated solar power system for households and individual use.

  • Heliopulse

  • heliopulse.com - garasarey@gmail.com
  • Andriy Chornyy-founder,inventor, Chemistry Engineering, Patenting. Yuriy Panchenko- Mechanical Engineering, 3D CAD Prototyping. Taras Chornyy - Chemistry Engineering. Andriy Chulyk- Manufacturing, IT, Sales. Yuliya Chorna - PR, Business Development, Logistics
National Third prize winner

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