Improving our built-up world with the next generation building material

50% of global carbon emissions stem from heating, cooling and constructing buildings.
Currently, there is only little awareness concerning this issue.
Hempcrete is a natural composite building material. It consists of hemp shives (derived from the wooden inner core of industrial hemp stalks), lime-based binder and water.
Our hempcrete block is a construction material that can be used to assemble walls, roofs and floors and can be adjusted to all types of buildings.
More carbon dioxide is sequestered in a hempcrete wall than is used to build it. Thus, hempcrete blocks outperform zero-carbon materials and allow building carbon-negative structures.
We are an inspired and motivated team with diverse qualifications and background in strategy, business model innovation, sustainability and civil engineering.
Our common goal is to raise awareness for the environmental impact of the building industry. Therefore, we have teamed up to finally bring hempcrete to the DACH market.


  • Hempstatic

  • hempstatic@gmx.at
  • Elena Yaneva - R&D, Philipp Hlavac - Business Development, Bojan Poletanovic - R&D, Lisa Schulze - Marketing&Sustainability Expert
National Second prize winner

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