Dust-repelling devices for solar panels

The technology for dust-repelling devices for solar panels is developed by the LeveL5 Innovations team that combines 35 years of know-how. The idea is to print transparent electrodes on a flexible dielectric substrate that will cover the surface of the solar panels to be protected: from the most conventional flat ones to any modern and fancy shapes. The specific arrangement of the transparent electrodes, once connected to a high-voltage low-current power supply, generates an ionic wind, which is extremely efficient in removing the dust particles. This technology is protected by two patents pending.

  • LEVEL5

  • level5innovations.com
  • Deanna Lacoste - CTO; Aurélie Chirez - CCO; Marios Neophytou - CEO; Mindaugas Kirkus - ITO; Emre Yengel - EMEO; Akmaral Seitkhan - COO;
National First prize winner

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