The IKEA of wind power towers, enabling transportation


Modvion can triple the capacity of today’s primary renewable energy source Wind Power with patented smart sustainable design.

Today, conventional wind power towers can’t get higher than about 100 m in a cost efficient way. Tall towers built the old fashioned way are too heavy and expensive, and almost impossible to transport: a base diameter of 4.3 m exceeds the limit of transport. Meanwhile, wind power plant owners would get considerably more energy for their investments if they could access those higher altitudes.

Modvion offers a new modular wind power tower that reaches higher altitudes, simplifies transportation and is built with the cheap renewable composite material CLT. This simultaneously makes the tower an effective CO2-storage. We are the IKEA of wind power with a cradle-to-cradle product.

Let’s start building renewables with renewables!

Quick facts

  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Sweden

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