Long-term ecologic automatic water treatment devices for mosquitoes larvae prevention.

MosKyp is the producer of Mosquito AcCopper an automatic water treatment device designed for public health departments, as well as private costumers, looking for a long term solution to the problem of mosquitoes larvae in the water.
Compulsory water treatment for mosquitoes larvae prevention are expensive, inefficient and ineffective. The duration of an average chemical product is two weeks. Mosquito AcCopper by MosKyp is the first device designed to join the effectiveness of a chemical product to the duration of a mechanical solution. 100% eco-friendly, Mosquito AcCopper will help public institutions, as well as private costumers cut till the 65% on pest control cost reducing pollution and improving working condition. 100.000 Mosquito AcCopper will permit to save up to 360 Million liters of water from pollution in 15 years, and to save the 99.8% of total CO2 emissions derived from larvicides distribution. MosKyp, checkmate mosquitoes!

National First prize winner

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