Transparent, heat reflecting nanotech

Up to 40% of electricity costs in office buildings are due to air-conditioning and with dwindling energy resources, there is a need of new energy-efficient products on the market. At present, opaque and translucent window films are used to cut out the amount of light and heat entering a room. Yet, these can only stop a small portion of heat from entering, while compromising the transparency of glass windows. That is the reason we came up with an innovative energy-saving solution: NanoScreen.

NanoScreen is a unique, transparent polymer-based screen embedded with special IR-reflecting nanoparticles, therefore reducing the cost of air-conditioning. Additionally, the unique, flexible, modular design of NanoScreen makes it easily integrable within various types of residential and commercial buildings and can be tailored for specific client demands.

Let’s save the planet, one NanoScreen at the time.


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