Helping companies to align with Agenda 2030 targets and priorities.


Demand for solutions to leverage Agenda 2030 is increasing. Platform2030 responds to this demand, offering intuitive planning, monitoring and reporting tools. Without need for prior knowledge, organisations can connect their core operations with the goals. By providing an easy to use service, more organisations can contribute within a viable business model.

Platform 2030 is powered by a patented algorithm. The algorithm interprets the information organisations provide on their core business and connects it to the global targets of Agenda 2030. Based on the result, countries that demand the solution are suggested. The platform is connected to official United Nation’s data. This means having access to up to date information on local social and environmental needs as well as the niches where business is viable. Based on this, the user can match with funder and partner preferences, develop relevant KPIs and formulate a data-driven strategy.

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