Food Waste and Washwater Treatment Service for Cruise Ships

Cruise ship companies face enormous fines when not complying to international regulations for food waste and washwater discharge. In light of the IMO 2020 regulations for sulfur emissions, food waste and water discharges, Oceanico provides a real time, on-board, and energy self-sufficient solution. We treat food waste and sulfur-containing scrubber waters and, at the same time, produce electricity and green sulfur fertilizer. In Oceanico, we believe in offering the most fitting and eco-friendly solution, while producing marketable byproducts.

  • OceaniCO2

  • li.katopodi@gmail.com , nataliabartz3@gmail.com
  • Bartzoka Natalia [Environmental Analysis], Bechlivanis Theodore [Legislation Analysis], Kanata Eleni [Process Design], Katopodi Xanthi-Lida [Competition Analysis], Kontonikolis Nikos [Customer Analysis]
National Third prize winner

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