Organofuel Sweden AB

Converting biomass into biofuels, biomaterials and fine chemicals


Organofuel Sweden is a green tech company that has developed an award winning, patented technology platform that allows the valorization of renewable biomass and forest waste material to biofuel, biochemicals and biomaterials. Our eco-friendly process is highly cost efficient and flexible: enabling the end-user to decide which product they desire without harming the environment. This is something we are now commercializing and are aiming to introduce our first products on the market by 2018

Quick facts

  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Sweden

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  • Armando Cordova, Co-founder. Samson Afewerki, Co-founder. Claes-Göran Beckeman, Board Member. Anders Niclazon, Board Member/ Sales&Marketing. Italo Sanhueza, Co-founder/CEO. Luca Deiana, Co-founder/Research Leader. Anna Svantes, Business Developer/Sales&Marketing

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