National Final Number 2

Sustainable water desalination by means of the sunlight’s energy


Design and create urban aquaponic farm


National Final Number 1

Bringing Water to Life via 3D Printed Roots


AquaSense promotes efficient water usage among residential consumers.


Optimizing the Public Transportation

Ask A Worm

National Final Number 3

Urban composting platform, connecting consumers with organic farmers.

Atelier 99

Shared working space in a fabrication lab

ATS WorldWide

Innovative, fully automatic airplane transport system on the airport surface.

Aude Opus

We provide hydrogen based battery for renewable energy storage.


Geothermally aided Biofuel Production from Waste with Maximum Yield

Autarchy Hub

Facilitating smart & sustainable energy service for temporary housing


National Final Number 2

Modernizing compressed earth brick for contemporary building technique

Back To Life

Use no longer usable textile to create new unique products.


National Final Number 2

First Serbian bamboo plantation


Energy Management Platform

Bastaliste Hub

Fighting climate change and unemployment trough urban agriculture


National Final Number 2

The very first smart battery analyzer

Bean To Barrel

turing used coffee grounds into organic fertilizer

Bee Care System

National Final Number 2

We sell device to eliminate Varroa Destructor (deadly bee enemy) to beekeepers in all over the world

Bee in

National Final Number 2

Natural alternative for food storage at your home.


beVermi Treatment Plant Compost Instalaltion


National Final Number 3

Secure bike parking dock with a built in chain and electronic lock

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