Comfortable and sustainable solution to plastic bag pollution


Every second roughly 160,000 plastic bags are being consumed around the globe. The primary energy required to produce these bags could be used to circle the Earth with a car. Not a single plastic bag ever produced has completely degraded thus far. The plastic continues to pollute the environment for hundreds of years with over a million marine and land animals dying every year as a consequence. Poko aims to destroy this plastic addiction by offering a convenient and eco-friendly shopping bag with similar properties to that of a plastic bag. A Poko bag is made from polyester that is reusable for hundreds of times and can be recycled. It is light, durable and also fits into a stylish key-holder that can be made out of various materials. This makes Poko a perfect alternative for a plastic bag while also being easy to use and hard to leave behind when going shopping. Replacing even just 1% of plastic bags with Poko bags would have a substantial impact on the environment.

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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Estonia

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  • Maria Kolk - Business Development; Kadi Sagor - Marketing & Strategy; Liisi Sagor - Design & Production; Kristina Kasvandik - Quality & Marketing; Raul Richard Stein - Research & Development
  • www.facebook.com/Pokokott

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