Cheap USB charger designed for use on bicycles

Our charger was created thanks to rising popularity of mobile devices. Unfortunately they often run out of power pretty quickly and require frequent charging. This results in high need for electric power and increases amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Thanks to our device this problem can be fixed with the power of our own muscles on a way to work or school. During longer journeys it can also power one of many 6V devices like micro-fridge without increasing our carbon footprint. It is targeted towards cyclists, fans of new technologies and bike rental centers. In greater perspective our device will reduce demand for electric power, what will result in decrease of amount of greenhouse gases and dusts in atmosphere. To add more, device will be built from cheap materials, which will come from recycling. Thanks to that it won’t have any negative effect on environment.

  • PowerWithinU

  • mikolajczyk.filip.pl@gmail.com
  • Filip Mikołajczyk - Designer And Engineer, Dawid Zawadzki - Enginner, Paulina Pędziwiatr - Enginner, Agnieszka Bedka - Enginner, Marcin Błaszczyk - Enginner, Jakub Kuberski- Enginner

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