Pulpy Crisps

Implementation of juice pulp waste into healthy fruit chips

As young people studying in the field of biology and caring about the environment, we discovered a great opportunity to reduce the waste from juice production by implementing the thrown out pulp in a fruity desert. It will be a great healthy alternative to the existing unhealthy snacks.
At the same time our idea will help with the development of the circular economy and the sustainability in our country. This is why we are motivated to further develop our idea and bring it to life!

  • Pulpy Crisps

  • anissimova@yahoo.com
  • Alexandra Nissimova – Founder And Marketing Manager; Veronika Koleva – Manufacturing And Biocontrol Of The Product, GPP; Nikolay Delev – Technical Maintenance Of The Production Line; Joe Davis Velchev – Product Developer And PR
Pulpy Crisps

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