The Next Generation of Artificial Trees in the Cities

PurCity offers an innovative multi-functional panel (GapS) that smartly designed to provide several valuable benefits for its customers such as:

– Purifying the air using highly efficient Photo-catalytic technology through natural ventilation
– Adding extra thermal and acoustic insulation
– Rain harvesting technology

GapS is a maintenance free product and will be cleaned through rain. It is a 100% recyclable and environmental friendly product with a competitive price compare to normal composite panels.

GapS’ main application are including of; Highway Noise Barrier, Building Facades etc.

  • PurCity

  • purcity.com - info@purcity.com
  • Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar (President, CEO & Founder), Fatemeh Mazaheri (Msc. Sustainable Architecture Designer), and Mehdi Salehi (PosDoc. Chemical And Material Engineer)

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