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Solar R-nrg Ring project

Ricerca & Rinnovabili started the development of Solar R-nrg Ring, an innovative, patented PV panel.
The Sola R-nrg Ring will be compact, powerful and it will be the first pv panel in the world that will produce an amount of energy also during the night.
Our solution will fit in every sector in which there is no available space to produce energy.

  • Ricerca & Rinnovabili Srl

  • rrinnovabili.wordpress.com/ - rinnovabili.rnrg@gmail.com
  • Matteo Repetto (founder), Dr. Giovanni Pennelli (nanoelectronic Field), Drs. Maria Milanova (luminescent Materials Field), Dr. Di Carlo (semoconductor Simulations), Ing. Stefano Maiocchi (optic Field), Ing. Werner Ghisolfi (plastic Materials), Ing. Lorenzo Luminari (electronic Field), Ing. Stefano Avenia (robotics Field), Mr. Carlo Magistro (Luminescent Field), Dr. Kazandjian (mechanics Field)
Ricerca & Rinnovabili Srl

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