Save Your Planet

“Save your Planet” is Cross-platform, eco educational project

Environmental problems, are getting bigger and bigger and we need an easy and funny way to educate the public about the problem,

“Save your Planet” is a Cross-platform, eco educational project consisted of:
Two animation series (One for pre-school and one for kids-adults), Apps (Smartphone-Tablets) and Books for kids.

The animation Series has been selected and awarded in the biggest festivals all over the world, in Europe, Asia and the US.

Kids and adults, love animation series and also love (Tablet-smartphone) Apps. “Save your Planet” uses this media, to entertain and at the same time educate viewers in ecological problems and help them, make small changes in their lives that will collectively make a difference in the environment.

About our Market.
We have a project with an international appeal, with a global message and no language barriers, like narration and dialogues.
In that order our Beachhead Market is TV and Web Broadcasters Worldwide.
A huge, dynamic and pro

National Second prize winner

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