Waste Oil Project

Recycling waste oils into high quality base for greases

Lubricant oil is a common element in our daily lives. People use it in their cars to ensure proper working of the engine. When a lubricant oil becomes unfit for use, it is changed in car repair shop and also becomes a very dangerous waste. A litre of waste oil can contaminate a million litres of water and permanently contaminate soil.

We collect waste oil from car repair shops and recycle it in our refining plant. We manufacture high quality base products which are used by refineries to produce greases. Waste oil recycling has a number of environmental benefits. By managing hazardous wastes we save the environment, climate and also us.

  • Waste Oil Project

  • konrad.rycak@gmail.com
  • Konrad Rycak - Team Lead/crude Oil Specialist; Ewa Czarniecka - Chemist Lead/technologist
Waste Oil Project

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