Incredible metamorphosis

Zamza is a unique cookie, which not only contains protein from mealworms, it is well-balanced and has low amount of sugar as well. Our cookies are healthy and nutritious.

We believe, that cookie is a perfect way to show people that alternative protein is acceptable in their usual diets.

Today America and the EU are the biggest consumers of animal farming products, which has enormous ecological footprint. Adoption of insect food will maintain a sustainable food supply chain and balance the usage of fertile lands and water by animal farms. Also, it will allow farming in various conditions – from extremely dry territories to your own balcony. Thus, insects are the future of animal farming. And we welcome you to make the future together.

  • Zamza

  • Yurii Rochniak - Founder; Katerina Mosiundz - Technologist, Designer; Nazar Kovalenko - Farm engineer; Victoria Titova - Marketing consultant
National First prize winner

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