Hydroalgae Power, finalist the Netherlands

After selection by a professional Jury at the National Final in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) the three most promising Dutch cleantech ideas were awarded with a ticket to CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final. Hydroalgae Power is one of them.


What is Hydroalgae Power about?

Hydroalgae Power’s idea is to create a perpetual cycle for the sustainable source of energy, water and ammonia; three key resources needed in today’s resource constrained society. We plan to implement this with consumption of CO2 using solar energy and seawater using microorganisms in specially designed bioreactors. The organisms are to produce hydrogen through photosynthetic water splitting, which is to be used in production of ammonia and derive energy through chemical processes in order to circumvent the Carnot’s engine restriction. The end product being desalinated water is to be utilized for potable purposes.


What are your expectations from the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final?

If we win, we’d like to invest the prize money in our idea and apply for more crowd funding and grants in order to help us build the pilot plant and test it in real life scenario.


Our dream

We are inspired to work towards the new age of ‘Green Engineers’ by making ‘Hydroalgae Power’ one the leading producers of energy, hydrogen and drinking water in Europe, having a strong brand value as the ‘Most Sustainable Company’.

We aim to expand further to the global markets between years 3-5, once we have standardized the manufacturing process and worked out a reproducible proven business model.


Kaushik Rangarajan & Vishak Ramachandran, Hydroalgae Power

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