Intelligent Structures, finalist Italy

At October 15, 2014 the CleanLaunchpad national final of Italy took place. The Jury announced the three finalists for the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final 2014 in Valencia. One of them is Intelligent Structures.


What is Intelligent Structures about?

Carbon fiber structures are extremely strong and light, but are brittle and often-critical damages are invisible to the human eye. Due to this, producers stay on the safe side and oversize the structures and add dead weighs.

Intelligent Structures’ idea is about detecting and locating impacts on these structures using a network of smart ultrasound sensors, which are capable to detect invisible damages, thus alleviating the necessity of oversizing. This has a tremendous impact on fuel consumption: reducing oversizing to 10% will save 47 million tons of CO2 for a single flying aircraft.


What happened after the National Final?

We started working the hardest to improve our presentation and to implement the valuable advice of the Jury. One of these advices is to better highlight other potential applications.


What are your expectations of the Innovation Festival?

Reaching the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final would be dream-like, however our first and most important expectation of the upcoming Festival is to acquire greater visibility. Only the European stage will be able to shine enough light on our idea to make the gears rolling at the right speed.


Our dreams

–       We’d like to see lighter, safer, and cleaner vehicles rolling around the world as soon as possible

–       We’d also like to see less leakages from pipelines due to bad maintenance

–       And finally we’d like to make a living out of our idea, and to see it grow and prosper

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