lamp•a•live, finalist Berlin

At 26th of September lamp•a•live heard that they were one of the finalists of CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final.


What is lamp•a•live about?

Algae have the highest potential to substitute fossil fuels due to their high primary productivity. Currently the potential to grow algae for bio fuels is not exploited. We need more innovative ideas and simple data of how to grow & harvest algae and convert them into bio fuels.

With an easy-to-use lamp you can grow algae at home, at work, or in your school. This will accelerate education about algae growth, and how we can use algae for bio fuels.

Is’t it very cool too that you can have a lamp with alive algae in there? A lab that is alive? lamp•a•live


How did you prepare for the Grand EU Final?

We have a functional prototype. The science side from lamp•a•live is pretty straightforward and only little adjustments might be necessary. For the final in Valencia we’ve investigated the market.


What are your expectations for the Grand EU Final?

Second place is first looser. I aim for second looser.

There will be so many important and very resourceful people at Climate-KIC’s Innovation festival. We hope to make many contacts. And learn. Learn a lot.


Our dream

We’d like to see lamp•a•live in primary education and in a high number of private enthusiastic households. Finally lamp•a•live has the chance to decentralize science, educate people about the climate CO2 problem, and how to get out of it and move to bio fuels that have a neutral CO2 budget.


Sven Ihnken, on behalf of team lamp•a•live

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