Wavetube, finalist Sweden

CleanLaunchpad national final Sweden was held at Chalmers at October 10, 2014. The audience – entrepreneurship students – was invited with the aim to inspire and encourage new potential start-ups to come for next years’ edition.


What is Wavetube about?

Wavetube develops a patented solution to produce renewable energy from the motion of ocean waves. Our solution is different in comparison to many existing technologies. Some are functional, yet too complex to survive in the marine environment. Wavetube aims to maximize survivability by offering a technology that is based on simplicity, robustness and reliability, where all critical mechanical components are protected from the seawater in a sealed construction.

Our customers are global electrical utilities. We aim to develop and sell wave energy farm projects together with collaboration partners. One farm will be able to supply an entire average sized Swedish municipality.


What did the national Jury think of your idea?

The Jury was tough. We need to highlight even further what our unique selling points really are in comparison to competition and why an electrical utility would prefer our solution before others’. We believe we have a response to that and we are looking forward to presenting in Valencia.


What was your first thought when you heard that you’re a finalist of CleanLaunchpad?

‘We are doing the right thing’, was our first thought. The fact that we are in the final makes us even more motivated and it is a confirmation from the public that there is a potential of Wavetube, and also that there is an overall interest for wave energy.


What are your expectations of the Innovation Festival?

We expect to meet a lot of interesting entrepreneurs, listen to various pitches within the cleantech field and also expose Wavetube to an international and diverse network that we wish to maintain contact with. I also expect Wavetube to make it through the semi-finals and be among the top ideas in the competition. It would be very useful for us to be part of Climate-KIC’s Accelerator.


Our Dream

Our dream is to become forever associated with Wave Energy. Whenever you hear about wave energy you should immediately think about Wavetube.

Our goal is commercialization by 2020, having initiated two major wave energy farm projects with customers by then.



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