EU-Final Number 2 National Final Number 1

Energy Efficient And Environmentally Friendly Process For Production Of Aluminium


EU-Final Number 3 National Final Number 2

A reusable laundry detergent system

Aqua Robur

EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 1

The future concept of urban micro hydro.

Delft IMP

EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 2

Highly efficient catalysts for the chemical industry


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 1

Upcycling lithium-ion batteries to revolutionise energy storage.


EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 1

Next Generation of Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors

The Sexy Plant

EU-Final Top Ten National Final Number 1 Audience Favorite

Plants for pest control: a sustainable alternative to pesticides

Agri Grow Lights

National Final Number 3

LED grow lights that improve plant nutrition and sustainability


National Final Number 2

Cleantech additive preventing building materials from micro organisms


National Final Number 2

Sustainable water desalination by means of the sunlight’s energy

Atelier 99

Shared working space in a fabrication lab


Geothermally aided Biofuel Production from Waste with Maximum Yield

Autarchy Hub

Facilitating smart & sustainable energy service for temporary housing


National Final Number 2

Modernizing compressed earth brick for contemporary building technique

Bean To Barrel

turing used coffee grounds into organic fertilizer


National Final Number 3

Secure bike parking dock with a built in chain and electronic lock


National Final Number 2

Crowdsourcing photos to save biodiversity.


National Final Number 1

Chimney fan solves your smoke problems and halves particle emissions


Easy hiking to a better trail network


Insects for feed, your future need!

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